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A Note from John Davidson, April 26

April 26, 2018

Editor’s Note: Just before I write my 20-years-ago today piece, I want to thank all those who attended the anniversary gala in London on April 10th. We premiered a new documentary at that time and we had greetings from Ottawa. I am providing the links for these pieces in the hope that you will enjoy them and the greater hope that you will push my new favourite button on my computer – share! Thanks very much.

Documentary link

Ottawa greeting link

20-years-ago today – April 26th – I started my morning with a bacon and eggs breakfast at the fire hall in Badger, Newfoundland. We slept on cots in the fire hall. Badger is pretty much in the middle of the province and about as far you can get from the ocean. It’s a struggling little pulp and paper town with high unemployment. This is the entry from my journal which I wrote at the end of the day on the road. “Today we stared poverty in the face, and it smiled back. These are people who seem to have absolutely nothing, and yet they give you everything. These faces will be with me a long time.”

Back on the Trans-Canada Highway as we left Badger, a forestry worker climbed down from the huge piece of equipment he was operating and jumped into his truck to drive up to the highway to make a donation. It’s what people do in Newfoundland.

When I passed Gander a few days earlier it was still snowing. You can get all four seasons in one day in Newfoundland, but with the RCMP behind me, I’m settling into a steady pace of 125 steps to the minute. The road crew is fitting together nicely and starting to work like a well-oiled machine. I’m thankful for everything they do each day.

Who is on your team? When was the last time you thanked them for what they do?

Stay tuned. The journey continues…