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Casimir: ARISE Study Canadian Recruitment

July 19, 2023

Casimir is recruiting Canadian participants for an at-home Duchenne muscular dystrophy study evaluating the performance of the Duchenne Video Assessment (DVA) tool. They are looking for participants that fall in the following subgroups:

  • Late ambulatory participants (those who are ambulatory but cannot get up from the floor without assistance)
  • Late non-ambulatory participants (those that are non-ambulatory and not able to lift their forearms from their lap)
  • Young pediatric participants (those that are 4-6yrs old)

The goal is to observe people with Duchenne performing specific tasks in their real-life settings in order to better understand and measure the abilities of people with Duchenne using a Duchenne Video Assessment (DVA) tool. This tool aims to capture quality of movement data to assist in clinical trial assessment and development.

Participants will be required to videotape 6-7 videos over 24 months and be compensated $650 – $750 for their participation.

Learn more about the criteria to participate:

If interested in learning more, please contact [email protected] / 1- 888-283-1635.