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Defeat Duchenne Canada: Duchenne Awareness Month

September 29, 2023

We express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to sharing the story of Duchenne muscular dystrophy while also raising awareness and funds across Canada throughout the month of September. We commend the efforts of two families who have made a remarkable impact and served as an inspiration to others.

Their efforts have not only raised awareness but also resulted in critical funds being raised, which will contribute towards research, care, and support for all Canadians living with this rare disease.

We invite you to read their inspiring story, showcasing the impact that can be made when communities come together with a shared goal of creating positive change:

“We want to bring awareness and create a little bit of an impact impact,” Kasha says. “Hopefully [we can] take this to the bigger picture with advocacy work at the government level.”

Kasha Mitton, Duchenne mom from Kamloops, BC

“When it comes to us, as a parent, we feel quite hopeless. So that’s where we came up with the fundraiser because we just like feel like we need to do something…” said Faltysova.

Nikol Faltysova, Duchenne mom from Canmore, AB