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Edgewise Therapeutics

Edgewise Therapeutics: Announces Positive Two-Year Topline Results from the ARCH Open Label Trial of Sevasemten (EDG-5506) in Adults with Becker Muscular Dystrophy

April 16, 2024

Defeat Duchenne Canada is pleased to share the news that Edgewise Therapeutics announced positive two-year topline results from the ARCH open-label trial of Sevasemten (EDG-5506) in adults with Becker. During two years of sevasemten treatment, participants’ NSAA scores stabilized and continued to diverge relative to functional declines reported across multiple Becker natural history studies.

In addition, significant decreases in key biomarkers of muscle damage including CK and TNNI2 were observed, which are consistent with prior observations. The positive results from the two-year ARCH trial further support the hypothesis that a reduction in contraction-induced muscle damage in muscular dystrophies has the potential to preserve function and halt disease progression in Becker.  

Work continues in other Becker studies, CANYON and GRAND CANYON, and also their Duchenne studies, LYNX and FOX.

EDG-5506 has received a generic name, sevasemten. Edgewise Therapeutics thanks the Becker young adults and men participating in the trials in the United States and the Netherlands.

Edgewise Therapeutics commits to keeping the community updated as they advance these important programs for Duchenne and Becker. Please feel free to reach out to them with questions or concerns. View the full Press Release and contact information in the link below.

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