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Edgewise Therapeutics

Edgewise Therapeutics: Launch Educational Website for BMD

December 19, 2023

Edgewise Therapeutics has launched an educational website dedicated to the Becker muscular dystrophy (Becker) community:

This is the first website solely focused on providing Becker-specific resources to help individuals and caregivers better understand the disease, learn different approaches to care and stay up to date on advocacy partnerships and available services.

“At Edgewise, we are committed to developing lifesaving therapies for severe, rare muscle disorders. Recognizing the unmet need in Becker, a condition that for far too long has been underserved, we are proud to provide a platform for the community to foster support and education.”

Joanne Donovan, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer of Edgewise

What is Becker muscular dystrophy?

Becker is a genetic disorder mostly impacting males, with an estimated 5,000 individuals living with the disease in the United States and Canada. Individuals with Becker experience progressive muscle degeneration and weakness due to contraction-induced muscle damage, leading to the eventual loss of muscle function. Symptom onset can occur at any age; once muscle loss begins, it is irreversible. Some individuals living with Becker also experience heart failure from cardiomyopathy, which may result in heart transplantation or early death. There are currently no approved treatments for Becker, and limited support and services are available for the Becker community to help navigate living with the disease. The new Becker website was launched to help fill this gap by offering a comprehensive resource. It features educational content about the disorder, such as diagnosis of Becker, symptoms, disease progression, building a multi-disciplinary care team that considers the multi-systemic nature of the disease, clinical trials and other resources. In developing the website, Edgewise incorporated input from the Becker community and patient advocacy organizations.

Currently there is no cure for Becker; Novel therapies are in development for Becker, including muscle-targeted interventions aimed at positively impacting disease trajectory.

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