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Warning on Stem Cell Therapy in Duchenne

novembre 3, 2021

Defeat Duchenne Canada is sharing an important announcement from the World Duchenne Organization and Treat-NMD with our Canadian Duchenne community:

The World Duchenne Organization is expressing its concerns regarding an organization that claims to be raising money for a ‘lifesaving’ stem cell treatment. We are supporting and sharing the statement from Treat-NMD, the organization that represents doctors and scientists working in neuromuscular diseases.

Please click on the button below for the full statement.

Always remember:

  • Currently, there are no approved stem cell therapies for Duchenne MD
  • You NEVER pay for a clinical trial
  • If a ‘trial’ is not on, it is not a legitimate trial

If you have any questions, please reach out to Defeat Duchenne Canada at [email protected].