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Meet Matheo

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Our journey with Duchenne began with a diagnosis that completely blindsided us and shattered our world.

Matheo is our spirited seven-year-old son, full of energy and talent. He loves playing with his little brother, Tomas, or exploring his creative side while drawing and painting. He excels in mathematics and can conquer levels in Mario Bros faster than anyone we know. But alongside his vibrant character lies a battle against Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

We noticed some concerns early on as Matheo struggled to jump and kick, and after a devastating tibia fracture, he never truly recovered his usual gait. As Matheo’s parents, we recall the early signs of Duchenne with a mix of denial and hope. It wasn’t until he had issues with digestion that we were pressed to search for more answers, finding ourselves suddenly faced with the diagnosis.

As a father, I thought to myself, “no, it’s impossible” – I was pushing away the reality and the fact that the truth was right in front of my face.

There was a two-month timespan between the first physician’s appointment and when we received Matheo’s life-altering diagnosis. Our lives had changed in an instant. We immediately began researching and contacting experts from around the globe. While we were frantically searching for something, anything to guide us – we found Defeat Duchenne Canada.

As fate would have it, Matheo’s diagnosis came only a day before the Defeat Duchenne Canada Family Forum in May 2020. There, we learned about Duchenne from clinicians and researchers and had the opportunity to meet families walking similar paths. Two days later, Defeat Duchenne Canada compassionately reached out to our family, guiding us through the maze of information and support options.

Dupras-Maldonaldo Family Photo
Ana Maria, Tomas, Matheo, and Sebastien Dupras-Maldonado​

They let us know that we were a part of something and not alone. 

That there are people working with us.

It is hard to imagine what the future will look like for Matheo and for all children diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but we know it is brighter with Defeat Duchenne Canada continuing to give families like ours direction and hope for a better tomorrow.

As Matheo’s condition evolves, we have some peace of mind knowing that as donations are made and the work continues, we can treat each day as a good day with Matheo. We feel immense gratitude knowing that we are always one step closer to the dream of a cure. In the meantime, our deepest hope for him is that he can pursue his passions and thrive in a life filled with creativity – maybe even as a computer programmer, designing the next big video game.

Matheo and Tomas
Matheo and Tomas Dupras-Maldonado​

If asking for your generosity and support is the best that we, as parents, can do to help Matheo, then this is what we will doYour generosity is not just a donation, but a lifeline of hope for families like ours.

Thank you for giving our kid and every other kid with Duchenne a hope for a cure

Ana Maria, Sebastien, Tomas, and Matheo Dupras-Maldonado