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The Beatles famously sing, “All you need is love,” but unfortunately, for one of their biggest fans love alone will not be enough to conquer the devastating consequences of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

At only 12 years old, James Allen and his family have already realized how many moments Duchenne can take away. From losing the ability to walk to never being able to pedal a two-wheel bike, this disease robs from families the moments and milestones so many others take for granted. In living with Duchenne, even life’s smallest experiences are a big deal.

For James, even hanging out with friends can be difficult to arrange due to accessibility challenges, James’s dad, Duane, shares. Absolutely everything is on a case-by-case basis. We try our hardest to give him those important childhood experiences, but you have to come to terms with the fact, a lot of things just won’t be in the cards for him.

What has been in the cards for the Allen family is a vibrant network of cross-Canada support, thanks to Defeat Duchenne Canada.

Regardless of how tough you are, Duchenne does not discriminate. Duane is a military veteran and marathon runner, but even he could not protect his son from the life-limiting symptoms of Duchenne. While Duane’s wife’s family history meant Duchenne was a distinct possibility for their son, Duane admits he was not fully prepared for what it’s been like to get hit with that diagnosis.

Picture of James and his family

James was the youngest patient our doctor had ever diagnosed, so we were more ready than most to adapt our lives to whatever Duchenne would bring our way, Duane shares. Even still, when I started to realize the extent of the things we would never get to do, it was like boom. I cannot imagine what it must be like for parents who are completely blindsided by this. It must be absolutely crushing.

When Duane and his wife, Karen, came to terms with what they were up against, they wanted to ensure this would not be what life is like for every little boy with Duchenne. They began searching for organizations that could bring hope to families like theirs. That’s when they discovered Defeat Duchenne Canada – the country’s only national charity dedicated to ending Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

There is strength in numbers and we need YOU to champion a cure for Duchenne. Show your support each and every month by becoming a monthly donor.

Karen’s brother – who was also diagnosed with Duchenne – passed away in 1981. This loss showed the Allens firsthand the importance of research focused on prevention, improved treatments, and ultimately, a cure for this fatal disease. Science and clinical care have come a long way since then, but we still have far to go to ensure James can remain the Beatles’ biggest fan for many years to come.

Duane and Karen are proud to be monthly donors, helping drive the work being done by Defeat Duchenne Canada and its community of world-renowned researchers. Their family – and all those who have made this ongoing commitment – are helping better the lives of boys with Duchenne while ensuring a constant source of vital research funding.

Together, let’s stand up to Defeat Duchenne. Join the Allens and the club of Defeat Duchenne Champions by becoming a monthly donor today.

James and his mom

That one breakthrough in research, that’s all we need. It’s all we are waiting for. You can play a very real part in bringing to fruition that one ah-ha moment in the lab that will eradicate another truly horrible disease.

John and Sherene Davidson, the parents of Jesse Davidson and the founding family of Defeat Duchenne Canada, know
the power of monthly giving and have generously agreed to match all donations for the first 50 new monthly donors.

The first 50 NEW monthly donors will have their monthly contributions doubled for the rest of the year.

Even when the journey gets tough, champions never give up. Double the impact of your monthly gift today and show Duchenne how much stronger we are when we fight together.

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