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There is no cure for Duchenne, but there are many researchers and patient organizations like Defeat Duchenne Canada working on it!

Thanks to enhancements in the standards of care, outcomes for boys diagnosed with Duchenne are improving. They are living longer and with better quality of life than ever before.

Learn more about the role of your care team to ensure you are getting the full spectrum of care your child needs to maintain an optimal quality of life.

Phases of Duchenne

Duchenne affects every person differently, even between siblings. Due to the nature of the disorder, Duchenne is talked about in phases or stages – from diagnosis through to adulthood. Learn more about each phase and the resources available.

Your Care Team

The management of Duchenne requires a coordinated effort from a multidisciplinary care team. The goal of supporting your child’s best possible quality of life requires careful planning and follow-up from many different medical disciplines.