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(Age 7)


We originally named our son Avery because we loved the name, but it wasn’t until he was almost 3-years-old that we began to realize what the word “br-avery” would mean to us. This was around the time our son was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We will never forget how we felt when we realized that his name was in the word “bravery”. We will never forget the day his name took on a whole new meaning.

Receiving a diagnosis like this, sometimes you are not sure where to turn or what to do next. For us, we needed to act, we needed to learn, and we needed to connect, this is why we decided to get involved in the community. This is when we decided to put our brave armour on and start our fight to defeat Duchenne.

When it’s your child, your work is never done. Your love never dries up and you will never stop fighting. We are fighting for what many take for granted and we are fighting for time. Our son is now 8, and as every year passes we realize how imperative time truly is. We also know the power hidden in every motion forward and the difference every dollar can make.  We believe it is within our reach to create lasting change together.

John Davidson, founder of Defeat Duchenne Canada (formerly Jesse’s Journey) walked 33 KM a day across Canada for his son. Because of his bravery, and in honour of Jesse and John, all those who have gone before us, for our community and for our son, we are willing going to go the distance to defeat Duchenne. Please join us and show your bravery by joining the annual fundraiser, the Walk to Defeat Duchenne.

With much love,
Kari Denysiuk (Avery’s mom and Chair of Team Bravery in the Walk to Defeat Duchenne)