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Image of Legacy & Planned Giving

Income Tax Reduction & Estate Tax Elimination

Starts April 20, 2022
6:45 PM
8:00 PM
Event Type: Virtual
Event Category: Fundraising
Audience Type: Everyone

Do you have questions about setting up the best financial future for you and your family? 

Defeat Duchenne Canada has partnered with financial expert, Ryan Fraser, to help share knowledge on the benefits of legacy planning. Join us for an exclusive presentation as he discusses how to save money while estate planning.

Through this hour-long event, you will learn:

  • To minimize or even eliminate taxes on your estate.
  • To avoid double taxation on your “Red” retirement accounts.
  • To bypass paying upfront capital gains taxes when selling your investments.
  • To convert assets into an income you can’t outlive and leave a lasting legacy.
  • How our government wants you to save taxes and leave more to charity.

Picture of Ryan Fraser

Ryan Fraser is the author of Driven By Purpose:  32 Remarkable Stories about Growing your Wealth and Leaving a Transformational Legacy.

Ryan is a nationally known Financial Planning & Philanthropy expert, with an extensive background as a leader, volunteer and founder of many charitable organizations.  He specializes in working with individuals who wish to incorporate their personal value system into their financial planning experience.