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Blacktop Bruisers Saddlesore Ride for Cullen & Caden

Starts July 27, 2024
12:00 AM
Event Type: In-Person
Event Category: Fundraising
Audience Type: Everyone

In 2020 Stephen and Rachael Prendergast launched Cullen & Caden’s Cause as they received the news that both of their young boys had been diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

They have begun a lifelong fight on behalf of their sons to fund research to slow the progression of this rare fatal disease. Join the Prendergast family as they continue their battle and advocate on behalf of Duchenne families across Canada until a cure is found.

Blacktop Bruisers Saddlesore

On July 27th 2024, the Blacktop Bruisers MC – Pembroke set out to complete their Saddlesore Ride. This is a grueling 1600km ride to be completed in no more than 24hrs in hopes to raise money and awareness for Cullen and Caden’s Cause through Defeat Duchenne Canada.

Please donate generously to support the Blacktop Bruisers in their fight to Defeat Duchenne.