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A Note from John Davidson, April 19

April 19, 2018

20-years-ago today it was constant rain and bitter cold as I moved along the Trans-Canada Highway, finishing my day in Glovertown, Newfoundland. It’s been a soggy week. My soaking wet wind suit has been flapping tight against my body like a flag snapping in a stiff wind. The rain is always there and eventually it just becomes a state of mind. Once your wet – your wet, so I just keep going. Inside the motor home that we have nicknamed “the Mother Ship” there’s a spider web of strings holding lots of wet socks and other clothing we are trying to dry. It’s a losing battle. The motor home leapfrogs ahead of me by seven or eight kilometres at a time until I finish my 33 kilometres for the day. Each time I catch up to the motor home it’s time for some hot tea, fresh fruit and another change of clothing. The motor home, a wonderful donation from our friends at Ferguson RV World in St. Thomas, Ontario, is rapidly becoming our motel, restaurant, snack bar, fruit stand, communication centre, hospital and clean laundry facility. Under a slate grey sky, snow covers the bleak, rocky surroundings on these early days on the road. Every now and then the sun teases us for a minute or two and that’s when Newfoundland sparkles as it puts on a show. You can see all four seasons in one day in Newfoundland. The hills along the Trans-Canada are becoming much steeper and there are dozens of waterfalls. Some are thundering right beside me and I can feel the spray. Others are so far away they that there is only silence. Sometimes at a high point I can see as far as 50 kilometres to the horizon and we are starting to see more wildlife with moose sightings becoming more common. As odd as it may seem, there are no deer, raccoons or porcupines in Newfoundland. The end of the day always brings a new home and new friends.

There’s a colourful piece of needlepoint in the bathroom of the bed and breakfast I’m staying in tonight. It says “Mothers hold their children’s hands for only a little while…their hearts forever.”

Today, I hope you’re enjoying the hands you are holding and remembering the hands you have let go. And I’m wondering, who is in your heart forever?

Stay tuned. The journey continues…