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A future without Duchenne.

Our Mission

Defeat Duchenne Canada is the country’s only national charity dedicated to ending Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Our goal is to provide leadership in research, advocacy and support to ensure our boys and young men can live long and active lives.

While these fundamental elements of our organization may sound simple enough, they are wrought with the immense complexity of battling a disease that, thus far, does not have a cure. Our organization stands for hope, and it stands up for the people who are affected by the devastating symptoms of Duchenne every single day.

We are a community of families, advocates, donors, researchers and care practitioners. Together, we are tackling all aspects of the Duchenne diagnosis – from the psychosocial effects through pursuing enhancements in research and treatment. Our goal of a cure is lofty, but the boys and young men we are fighting for are worth it. We are happy you are here to learn more about our organization and the people whose lives you can change by believing in a world without Duchenne.

Become part of the only national charity dedicated to ending Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Since John and Jesse Davidson walked across Ontario in 1995, the world has taken many positive leaps and bounds forward – and so has our understanding and treatment of Duchenne. Today, boys who are diagnosed with this neuromuscular disease are living longer than ever. Yet, they still have to deal with the harsh reality that their lives will be drastically impacted by the far-reaching effects of Duchenne.

For nearly 30 years, we have been driven by our relentless focus on a cure and we are more determined than ever to further the positive progress that has already been made. We will not give up until boys with this disorder no longer have to face a life confided to a wheelchair. We will continue to fund and drive forward research that may change the trajectory of this disease, so more young men can live freely and with the vibrancy and independence Duchenne takes away.

Be part of an extended family that values inclusivity, collaboration and trust

Defeat Duchenne Canada reaches out to families across Canada – to provide them with the resources and connections they need to navigate their Duchenne diagnosis as successfully as possible. We go beyond funding paramount Duchenne research to building enriching connections between families. This helps them feel fully supported and energized about the possibilities for the better, healthier future we are actively pursuing every day.

Thank you for believing in and supporting our vision of a world without Duchenne. We look forward to working with you to discover new ways and ideas to empower our Duchenne community.