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Santhera Pharmaceuticals: First Commercial Launch Globally of AGAMREE® (Vamorolone)

January 16, 2024

Santhera Pharmaceuticals has announced the launch of AGAMREE® (vamorolone) in Germany, marking a significant milestone as the first commercial launch of AGAMREE® worldwide.

About AGAMREE® (vamorolone)

AGAMREE® is the only approved medication in the European Union (EU) for treating all patients from age four years with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, irrespective of the underlying mutation and ambulatory status. It is the first and only medicinal product for Duchenne to have received full approval in the EU and, following approval in the U.S. last October and in the UK last week, it is the first authorized treatment for patients with the disease in all three territories.

“We are very happy that AGAMREE is now commercially available in Germany, the first country worldwide, for the treatment of DMD. This significant milestone represents Santhera’s commitment to fill the unmet need in DMD and provide a safe and effective treatment for DMD patients. For Santhera, this launch signifies a leap forward as the Company enters the commercial stage. In parallel, we continue to work towards our own staged commercial roll-out in the large European markets, alongside ongoing discussions with distribution partners for other regions.”

Dario Eklund, CEO of Santhera

Defeat Duchenne Canada is actively collaborating with Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, the distributor of AGAMREE® (vamorolone) for North America. We understand the importance of keeping our community updated on the latest developments and will continue providing timely information as we work together to bring this innovative treatment to Canada.

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