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(Age 6)


Henry is a smart, creative, and brave 6-year-old boy. He’s always been active and loves exploring the outdoors, so it was quite a shock when he got diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy the day after his 4th birthday.

He’s struggled with his balance and his speech since he started walking and talking. We had worked with physio and speech therapists for years before his diagnosis.

Given that it is a rare disease and we are from a smaller city, no one suspected a thing, especially something as severe as Duchenne.

He finally got diagnosed after we were referred to BC Children’s Hospital over something unrelated, which, in my eyes, was an act of fate because we probably wouldn’t have known for a couple more years and wouldn’t have started treatment. We are one of the few families in the Yukon that is affected by this cruel disease, but we have found so much support in the Duchenne community across Canada (and even the world), as well as family and local friends.

Henry loves travelling, and we try to mix some fun into our visits to Vancouver when we go to BC Children’s Hospital twice a year. He loves learning about history and could probably talk your ear off about the Titanic or the Pyramids of Giza. If you met him, you would probably have no idea that he is struggling with this cruel disease.

Henry is our little warrior, and we are so proud of him for being so brave in this fight against DMD!