Donate to support Team Jackson in their Walk to Defeat Duchenne on May 29, 2022

Help make a difference by sponsoring Team Jackson in their participation at this year’s nation-wide Walk to Defeat Duchenne. Each donation provides critical funds towards finding treatments and a cure for Duchenne, education for families living with this life-shortening disease, and advocacy efforts to bring therapies to children and young men, like Jackson, living with Duchenne across Canada. 

Levy Family

About Jackson

Shortly after his fifth birthday, our son Jackson was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the most common and fatal form of muscular dystrophy.

Jackson was a late walker, starting his first steps around 20 months old. Soon after that, we noticed that he had difficulty climbing stairs. Unfortunately, Jackson was first dismissed by doctors and then misdiagnosed. It was around that time that we met and enlisted the help of Jackson’s physiotherapist, Jennifer. After two years of working with Jackson and not noticing much improvement in strength or flexibility, Jennifer prompted us to seek answers. With her help, Jackson’s doctors were able to perform further tests, and he received a diagnosis of Duchenne.

As parents, the most brutal fact to accept is that there is no cure - nothing to stop the progression of this muscle-wasting disease. Our primary goal in participating and raising funds for the Walk to Defeat Duchenne is to fund research in prevention for other children, access to improved treatments for Jackson, and ultimately - a cure for all boys and young men.

The outpour of support has deeply touched us since we went public with Jackson’s illness and started raising funds. With our community’s help, we have raised over $20,000 in the first three days! But there’s still time to make a difference.

Please help us raise funds for research. Donate today for our son Jackson and all those affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


About the Walk to Defeat Duchenne

The Walk to Defeat Duchenne unites families from coast to coast to raise awareness and funds for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Defeat Duchenne Canada was born through determination, commitment, and going the distance for the people we love. In 1995, John Davidson from London, Ontario set out on an incredible mission to push his 15-year-old son, Jesse, across Ontario in his wheelchair. Three years later, John found himself on the road again – this time alone, walking for 286 days across Canada. These grueling challenges helped raise millions of dollars for Duchenne research and vital awareness in communities across Canada. Today, families across the country are encouraged to choose a distance and location in their community and walk to raise funds for this fatal disease.